Rain (Spectra Remix)

by JayB & Giggly Maria

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And now for something completely different. Hey look, I tried making breakbeat (at least, I'm pretty sure it's breakbeat).

I started this remix months ago, and thought it was about time I finished it off, so voilà!

Genre: Breakbeat
BPM: 155
Key: C#m


A heavy cloud is tracing me since I'm here
The shadow it casts touches everything I can see
It seems that it takes all bright colours from this world
To leave it in grey, my vision is blurred

Some hours have passed, the sun should be setting now
I cannot walk on, and fall to the ground
I keep looking up in search for a ray of light
Now stop to pretend! There's nothing to find

Waiting for the rain...

I'm waiting for the rain
To flood this land and drench my mane
I can feel it running down my skin
So open up the gates
Just let it out, don't hesitate
And take the last hope that I kept


released July 2, 2014
Lyrics by JayB & Giggly Maria




Spectra London, UK

Musical horse. Modern Languages student. Amateur translator. PROcrastinator.

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