Welcome to the Show (Spectra Remix)

by Daniel Ingram

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Have a belated Christmas present!

So here's a concept I came up with in April. A shame it took so long to bring it to life (wake me up inside) but I'm so glad I'm finally releasing this. Enjoy!

Also, for those of you who read this, I'm fast approaching 1,000 subscribers thanks to a sudden publicity boost from appearing on the Top 10 Pony Songs of November :o I'm planning a 'live' acoustic rock song, do you think I should include 'live' video in it as well? I'm quite camera shy so I'm very hesitant about it, so let me know what you think.

Track info

Glitch Hop | 94 BPM | Bm


Welcome to the show
We're here to let you know
Our time is now
Your time is running out

Feel the wave of sound
As it crashes down
You can't turn away
We'll make you wanna stay

We will be adored
Tell us that you want us
We won't be ignored
It's time for our reward
Now you need us
Come and heed us
Nothing can stop us now


released December 30, 2015
Original song by Daniel Ingram, Caleb Chan, and Trevor Hoffman
Lyrics by Daniel Ingram and Meghan McCarthy
Vocals by Kazumi Evans, Madeline Merlo, and Shylo Sharity




Spectra London, UK

Musical horse. Modern Languages student. Amateur translator. PROcrastinator.

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